AK 4

Ready-to-sell cheese portions within seconds


  • Very time-saving, cutting process only takes 30 seconds
  • Easy portioning of semi-hard cheese (Gouda, etc.)
  • Mechanic door interlock during operation (safety)
  • Easy operating and cleaning
  • Market-leading cheese wheel cutter worldwide
Overall Dimension (l x w x h) Closed lit: 771 x 545 x 545 mm
Open lit: 771 x 545 x 885 mm
Knife Sets made of high quality stainless steel, tefloned, diamter 420 mm, standard knife, 11 additional knife sets available, special versions upon request.
Standard Knife standard knife set with 23 pieces
Max. Cutting Capacity round: about 400 mm, rectangular: about 300 x 300 mm
Sound Level <70 dB (A)
Operation Cheese cutting procedure is controlled electronically.
Weight 35 kg
Voltage 230 V, single phase
Power Requirement 0,6 kW
Hygiene All materials in contact with food products are 100% stainless steel. Knife set and cutting plate can be removed easily and cleaned in a dishwasher.
Cutting Time about 30 seconds
Colors Surface available in all RAL-Colours

Customization Options

AK 5

Rectangular version customized for kitchen counter, l x w 500 x 680 mm

AK 6

Built-in model for the counter, saw-out dimensions (l x w) 510 x 690 mm, height with closed lid 365 mm, height with open lid 705 mm

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